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We provide fun, DIY & Inspiring products, geeky gadgets, novelty gifts in a wide variety of theme collection for your interest & passion.



Providing a helpful and efficient approach to benefit people in need


Inspire you to live your best life by ordinary shopping & extraordinary satisfaction 

✌️【You】 : We do good, You look good & feel good. Let's enjoy a happy day with GooDIYou

🛺 GooDIYou | Worldwide shipping. Easy Return

🌎 GooDIYou | We create for a better customer satisfaction while providing a helpful, efficient, and personal approach to benefit people in need.

🎁 GooDIYou | You aren't just buying comfort and happiness, you're supporting people from your interest & sharing.



Our Good World

Good World

GooDIYou will support 1% of revenue to the non-profit partners and the communities they serve.

Let's  move your interest to our better world together.

benefit people in need from your interest & passion

We do good, You look good & feel good

* all 1% donation for the following non-profit partners will be executed when it accumulate over $100 USD at each partner.
 GooDIYou will release the donation information at Goodiyou.com 
and all our purchased users by email monthly. 




Compliance with Laws

We have and will always comply with national, local, and other relevant laws and regulations where applicable.

Human Rights and Hiring Practices

We’re committed to creating and maintaining a safe respectful work environment that’s free of discrimination and harassment. Suppliers must have hiring practices that verify accurately age and ability to work legally. All persons working must have voluntarily agreed to all employment terms.


We do not and will not condone discrimination in any form. GooDIYou will never discriminate against any workers based on age, disability, ethnicity, creed, gender, marital status, national origin, political affiliation, race, religion, sexual orientation, or any other characteristic protected by applicable law in hiring and other employment practices.


Employees, vendors, and suppliers at GooDIYou will not disclose to others or use for their own purposes or the purposes of others any trade secrets, confidential information, knowledge, designs, data, skills, or any other information which GooDIYou identifies as confidential.