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DIY 3D Memo Paper

DIY 3D Memo Paper

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Create personalized 3D memo paper with DIY 3D Memo Paper! Cut and design your own designs for maximum creativity and unique, eye-catching visuals. With seemingly endless possibilities, let your imagination run wild!


  • Size: 80*80*43mm
  • Sheets: 160
  • Product weight: 0.45kg
  • Origin: Mainland China
  • Material: Paperboard
  • It's so beautiful that it's an explosive 3D paper carving note. Biggest highlight: as the note paper is torn off, the hidden paper carving gradually emerges. After tearing the last one, there will be a beautiful paper sculpture, including famous buildings, pianos, cars, Tokyo Tower, the Great Wall, turrets, arch pavilions, Chihiro soup house, Qingshui temple, Yellow Crane Tower, etc
  • Package included:1x memo pad+acrylic box+gift box
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